Monday, February 13, 2006

The Tyde rolls in.

While checking some things out regarding a band whose cd I plan on featuring in the next couple of days (which band it is will become painfully obvious when the post goes up), I ran across the news that The Tyde is finally about to release their third album. I had been wondering what they'd call the new one, considering the debut was titled Once and its follow-up was Twice. I was figuring either "Three Times" or "Thrice", but instead it's "Three's Co." (clever lads there, with the .co abbrievation for "company"). Perhaps it's a homage to John Ritter.

And a new track from 3CO (see, I can come up with cool abbreviations as well as the next guy) is available at their myspace page, titled "Brock Landers".

Also streaming there are their two "hits" from Twice, "Blood Brothers" and the incredibly awesome (if I do say so myself) "Go Ask Yer Dad", one of my favorite songs of 2003 (or was it 2004? I'm getting so old, the years start to blend together). But why stream these two when you can download them?

Go Ask Yer Dad
Blood Brothers

There are also some more downloads, including live tracks, at the band's site. Just click on "media".

3CO is due out in the UK only (damn) on March 13. Guess I'll have to call my mortgage broker today for a loan to pay the import prices (actually, it's cheaper to buy directly from and pay the shipping - saved about $25 on an Al Stewart box set last year doing that).

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