Thursday, February 16, 2006

eMusic Find of the Day: Locksley-Locksley EP

Today's eMusic find is Locksley, 4 guys from NYC who will both literally and figuratively be music to the ears of power poppers everywhere. Their most recent release is their self-titled EP from last summer, which starts off with the absolutely fab "Into The Sun", a great evocation of early-period Beatles. "All of the Time" is a slower number in the vein of "If I Fell" that would make Paul proud, and "She Does" is a powerful rocker that reminds me of Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" Just great stuff.

And if you end up loving this EP, you can grab their 2004 full-length Safely From The City, as well. It's cut from the same cloth. (And if you really, really end up digging Locksley, eMu even has a live album to grab.)

You can stream 4 of the 5 EP tracks at their myspace page, and if you have to have the physical disc in your hot little hands, cdbaby has it here, as well as Safely From The City.

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