Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New at Not Lame, 2/22/06.

The Green & Yellow TV-Sinister Barrier

Been there, talked about that.

The Animators-Home by Now

This one goes back to 2003. It's available on eMusic here, you can do the 2-minute samples here, and you can get these two mp3s directly from their site:

Girl #3

There's a link for an additional mp3 from the album there, but it's broken. Quick verdict: not sure. Some songs sounded OK; I'll have to investigate further. They compared with Wisely, whom I like but don't quite go nuts about the way they (and others) do.

Jumping Windows-Belly of the Beast

The Enuff 'z' Nuff comparison Not Lame gives this one is dead on. Liking what I hear so far, from their myspace page.There are a couple of mp3s for download here, but you have to register first. The cdbaby samples are very limited (only 3 I think), so sample the myspace, then sample the additional tracks at Not Lame. One of their tracks is titled "Radio Friendly". Gotta love that.

Holiday With Maggie-Skyline Drive

This one's an import - I guess you can call it Swedish emo. Swemo anyone? Don't see any mp3s available, but you can sample in some more depth here. "Is It Worth It?" sounds like a really good track.

The Dreadful Yawns-The Dreadful Yawns

Had to go back and listen to this one, noticed that just about all my plays in iTunes for this were back in August. Now I realize why they didn't make a great impression on me. It's nice enough; laid-back Americana is what I'd call it. It's not dreadful by any means, although I did have to stifle a yawn. Unfortunately, the band isn't offering up any mp3s at their site, but they do have a myspace page.

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