Sunday, February 26, 2006

More on David Mead.

Once again, reader Bob M has come through with some new David Mead news. Yesterday Mead had this announcement:
David's new album TANGERINE is officially slated to hit shelves May 16, but you can start hearing it for yourself NOW, exclusively on his MySpace page. We will be streaming all twelve songs between now and the release date, adding one new song per week. "Tangerine," the lead-off track, is an overture comprised of bits and pieces of all the songs, and will remain up as new songs are rotated in and out in the order they are sequenced on the album. So be sure to stop by, have a listen, leave a comment if you would like and let your other MySpace friends know about David's new record.
Interesting. That explains the instrumental "Tangerine", which we discussed the other day. Time to bookmark his myspace page.

And another track, "Hard to Remember", is up right now. Me likey.

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