Saturday, February 25, 2006

New at Not Lame, 2/24/06.

Just back in from Disney MGM...hope the break enabled many of you to catch up on sampling the stuff I've been posting about. I'll just take a quick personal note to vent about something here. George Carlin once said that everyone who drives faster than you is a maniac, and everyone that drives slower is an idiot. Never was that more true tonight westbound on I-4 between Orlando and Tampa. I've never seen so much braking for no apparent reason and passing on the right on an interstate before (end rant). Anyway, here's what's new at Not Lame while I was out:

First off, the Green & Yellow TV release retains the top spot on the page, which is a bit odd. And also featured is the new Arctic Monkeys release, about which virtual forests have been clearcut for all the words written about it. My take: as UK flavors of the month go, they're not bad.

Randy & The Bloody Lovelies - Lift

I will have much, much more to say about this quite excellent release in a couple of days (hint, hint).

The Tah-Dahs - Le Fun

This one's new to me, although what I'm reading about it makes me want to track it down. That there's a track titled "John & Yoko & Ted & Alice" amuses me. They do have a free download available at their site:

The Cute Band

Well reviewed in indie circles, for what it's worth. eMusic doesn't have the album, but has the track "Temporary" on this comp.

UPDATE: They have a myspace page, where they're streaming "Alcoholic", "Temporary" and "Dallas", a non-album track.

The Lashes - Get It

One thing I like about Not Lame's featuring of new releases is that even though I often have (or have sampled) a record and passed on it, the mere fact of their highlighting it prompts me to give it a second chance, and often I end up liking it quite a bit. The recent Tody Castillo release was one example of this. So having had an advance of this cd for about a month (and maybe listening to it once), and having failed to deem it worthy of placement on my iPod, NL's recommendation (and the quoting of the AMG review comparing a track to Big Star) was enough to get me to listen to it again.

Right off the bat, I realized why I put it aside. I'm not terribly fond of the lead singer. Usually I can take less-than-perfect voices, but here it was his style that put me off. And the track AMG says sounds like Big Star doesn't sound like it to me, nor do any of the songs really grab me even despite the lead singer. So we'll agree to disagree. I will note that Pop Matters falls into my camp. Still, with NL and AMG touting it big time, you should definitely listen for yourself. The best place to do so is their myspace page. eMusic has their independently-released (Get It is on Columbia) EP, titled The Stupid Stupid.

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