Saturday, February 18, 2006

Something that may only interest me.

As an ELO freak since my pre-teen years, I always find it interesting when a contemporary artist covers an ELO track. Today, I noticed one of the more unusual ELO covers, from Grandaddy on their upcoming Just Like The Fambly Cat album: they're covering the outro from the A New World Record track "Shangri-La". Not the whole song, just the outro - the part in which Jeff Lynne sings "I will return to Shangri-La" over a swelling wordless chorus and copious strings.

Making things more intriguing is that frontman Jason Lytle has said that this will be the last Grandaddy album, and the Shangri-La outro is the final track on the album, making this a very cool homage to ELO. Just Like The Fambly Cat is due out May 8, but thanks to the magic of the internets, an advance of this has leaked, and I can confirm that this is pretty much a note-for-note cover.

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Anonymous said...

yes, that's what I just discovered today!
I'm starting now to discover elo...