Monday, November 20, 2006

Big Bob Evans news!

That's big news about Bob Evans, not news about someone named Big Bob Evans.

Anyway, Suburban Songbook, the #1 disc of 2006 to date here at Absolute Powerpop, is finally available worldwide, albeit through iTunes. There's no album discount, meaning that the 12-song disc is $11.88. It's still worth every penny (and then some). For those without an iPod, you can still get the disc by downloading iTunes and buying it through the iTunes music store. You can then copy the 12 tracks to a playlist and burn a cd from it. This also gives you the option to rip the burned CD to straight mp3s if you're using a non-iPod mp3 player.

So while it may take a wee bit of effort from the non-iPodders out there, I don't want to hear any more complaining about selecting a #1 disc that was only available in Australia.

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