Thursday, April 13, 2006

CD of the Day, 4/13/06: Eugene Edwards-My Favorite Revolution

Many, if not most, of you are familiar with this record, as it's been out for nearly two years now and has garnered a lot of praise. So this post is addressed to those of you who are unfamiliar with this cd, as it's my duty to inform you that you've been missing out on one of the better power pop records of the decade.

Based out of LA, Edwards can best be described as the love child of Elvis Costello and Marshall Crenshaw. He has the driving power pop sound of EC circa his late 70s classics, and Crenshaw's gift for melody and traditional pop song structures. There are highlights aplenty on this album, but several stand out in particular. Opener "Your Own Nightmare" might be the best of the lot, with a melody straight out of Crenshaw's first album and the lyrical bite of EC. Edwards tells the past-her-prime subject of the song that "I'm keeping track/of all the things you said you'd never do" and observes that "between silence and a drink/well you just take the fifth". "Congratulations My Darling" is another that's reminiscent of the Crenshaw debut, mixed with an early Beatles sound; "All About You" would make Nick Lowe smile, and "Telling That Lie Again" has a chorus you won't be able to get out of your head.

To sample it, start at this page at his site. It has samples from each track, lyrics for each track (check them out, they're better than you find from most power poppers), and a link to buy the album. You can also go his myspace page, and stream three tracks from the album I didn't mention, but which are great as well. I love his slogan on the myspace page: "Doing the rock that most Americans won't do."

I can't stress enough that this is really a must-have for any power pop fan out there. If somehow this one got by you, or you're new to the genre, you're in for a real treat.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you featured Eugene Edwards outstanding debut as your CD of the day.

I would have to agree that this is one of the best albums of the decade.

Your comparisons to Elvis C, Crenshaw, and Nick Lowe are spot on(I would throw in a little Smithereens and Squeeze as well).

I'm already anxiously awaiting a followup. Hope he doesn't take too long!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Great for listening. Saw you in Orange last year and purchased your album. That is a good one. Thanks for your creativity.

Anonymous said...

EE's music is as mesmerizing as his smile...Can't wait to h buy the next cd...May even venture to CA to see him live!!