Thursday, April 06, 2006

Some albums to check out.

In lieu of a CD of the Day, I'm going to take the opportunity to recommend three albums that may have been out a while, may have already been featured by Not Lame, Kool Kat, etc., and may be familiar to many of you, but deserve a shout in any event.

The Meadows-The Meadows. Outstanding songwriting on this one, would have been on my 2005 best of list had I upped it to 30 or 40. Similar to: Tom Petty, Gin Blossoms, Rembrandts, Jayhawks.

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Millicent Friendly-Downtime. Another great 2005 release that I didn't really come across until January or so. Power pop in the vein of Jellyfish, Checkpoint Charley and Sparkwood. Out of nowhere today, the song "Willow" popped into my head even though I hadn't listened to the album in several weeks. That must mean something. Sample | Buy | MySpace

Jorges-Possibly Now. Jorges is Jorge Gonzalez Grapuera, a Miamian who has the power pop thing down cold. I enjoyed this disc a lot last summer when I picked it up, and it's one 2-2.5 minute blast after another. With titles like "Underwear", "Girlfriend" and "Get a Job", you know what you're getting.
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