Wednesday, April 19, 2006

CD of the Day, 4/19/06: Third Floor Story-Lonely City

It seems like we've had a run of Aussie bands lately with the Neil Finn/Michael Carpenter sound, and darned if Third Floor Story doesn't sound like another one of these. The difference is that these guys don't hail from Down Under - they're from London.

Unlike most albums, which are front-loaded, Lonely City actually gets better as it goes along. While the title track and "Your Love" are nice enough to start, the real highlights are a couple of tracks on the back end. "Always Dragging Me Down" is a quality piano ballad with a swelling chorus that reminds me a bit of Coldplay's "The Scientist", "Drifting" is a catchy rocker that clocks in at 2:14, and closer "Park With The Big Trees" might be the best of the lot, a midtempo number that would fit in snugly on either a Neil Finn album or the new David William we've raved about on this site (and which got some love from Not Lame last night as well)

Here's an mp3:

Lonely City

And head on over to their myspace page, where you can not only stream four tracks from the album (including "Park With The Big Trees"), but you can download them as well. The CD is available for purchase (and further sampling) at CD Baby.

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Anonymous said...

Great disc, one to really get into. Throw it on and let it take you on a ride. I loved every sweet track. Lots of diversity and some catchy hooks. Solid as it gets.