Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Absolute Powerpop Top 100 Albums of 2013, #1-50.

Now you see why I changed the rules on VA albums. And yes, there are a couple of albums in here that were released in 2012, but I didn't hear them until 2013 and/or they didn't gain a lot of traction in the power pop community until this year. The bottom half (51-100) can be found here.

1. VA-Drink a Toast to Innocence
2. Nick Piunti-13 in My Head
3. Greg Pope-Pop Motion Animation
4. Eric Barao-S/T
5. Valley Lodge-Use Your Weapons
6. The Incurables-The Fine Art of Distilling
7. Phil Angotti-Life & Rhymes
8. Adam Daniel-Pop, Baby
9. The Nature Strip-Stars Turn Inside Out
10. Prattle on, Rick-Some Quiet Majesty
11. Mark Crozer & The Rels-S/T
12. JoDee Purkeypile-Messenger
13. The Sun Sawed in 1/2-Elephants into Swans
14. Gleeson-Gleeson II
15. The Nines-S/T
16. Todd Herfindal-Right Here Now
17. Wyatt Funderburk-Novel and Profane
18. Bohemian Radio-On the Air
19. Coke Belda-Coke Belda I
20. Chris Abad-Darling Dear
21. Roseland-S/T
22. Brendan Benson-You Were Right
23. The Tor Guides-Strawberries & Chocolates
24. The Duckworth Lewis Method-Sticky Wickets
25. Vegas With Randolph-Rings Around the Sun
26. Hot Nun-S/T
27. Rich McCulley-The Grand Design
28. Gregg Swann-Turn to Stars
29. The Tor Guides-Lots of the Pops! Volume 1
30. Nathan Roberts & The New Birds-S/T
31. Bryan Estepa-Heart vs Mind
32. John Amadon-The Bursting Sheaf
33. The Junior League-You Should Be Happy
34. VA-International Pop Overthrow Vol. 16
35. The Electric Soft Parade-Idiots
36. Joel Sarakula-The Golden Age
37. Any Version of Me-We Are You
38. Paint 31-Hot Dogs on Tuesday
39. Daren Sweet-Pop's Three Minute Pleasures
40. Wiretree-Get Up
41. Superchunk-I Hate Music
42. The Amprays-Brave New Strange
43. Shane Lamb-Together, We'll Get Through
44. Carter Beckworth-Humble Heart
45. Keith LuBrant-Who I Am
46. Bob Evans-Familiar Stranger
47. Shake Some Action!-Full Fathom Five
48. Stephen Lawrenson-Obscuriosity
49. Chris Degnore & The Black Drops-Cinema
50. Bobby Emmett-Brighter Days


Anonymous said...

No Agony Aunts?

Anonymous said...

No Beat Rats?

Anonymous said...

Love some of your choices but how can you possibly leave off Mike Viola's "Ghoul" - possibly the best thing I've heard all year!

Steve said...

Somehow I missed on Ghoul, didn't become aware of it until earlier this week. Really like what I've heard so far, top 20 material.

deano6 said...

Best album of this year has to go to Sugar Stems' Can't Wait. Sorry you missed this one.

Anonymous said...

Phil Angotti is amazing!

Nick Piunti said...

Steve, Thanks so much for selecting "13 in My Head" as your #2 power pop album of the year. Absolutely thrilled and honored!

PMaz said...

Boy....that choice at #1. Wow. While I like the idea of it, I wasn't impressed with really anything on it. One track which will remain unnamed (as to not offend anyone) is cringeworthy.

But thanks for the list as there is plenty on here I haven't heard and would never even be aware of if not for blogs like yours.

Sugarbush Records said...

Shame the ORGONE BOX "CENTAUR" came out this year, so mabye it'll make next year's list!!

Todd Herfindal said...

How did I miss this! Thanks for including me on your list. Awesome

Todd Herfindal said...

How did I miss this! Thanks for including me on your list. Awesome