Friday, July 14, 2006

New Michael Carpenter music.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that Michael Carpenter is held in high esteem in these parts, and he's about to unleash his latest, SOOP #2. SOOP stands for Songs of Other People, and #2 stands for, well, his second album of covers. Four tracks from the new one are available for the streaming at his myspace page.

Whereas SOOP #1 took on the legends (The Beatles, Dylan, Springsteen, Petty), SOOP #2 features covers of contemporary power pop artists like The Shazam, Myracle Brah, David Grahame, Chris von Sneidern, Bobby Sutliff, etc.

While it may be some time before SOOP #2 shows up on eMusic, MC's most recent studio release, 2004's Rolling Ball, can be found there and is recommended as well.

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