Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New look at Not Lame.

Not Lame unveiled more than their weekly new releases last night - they gave us a new layout as well, with the featured releases divided into multiple categories. Looking not unlike a Jeopardy! board, we have the new releases broken down into four categories (three, actually, but over four columns): New Major Label/Large Indie, Reissues, Indie Power Pop, and More Indie Power Pop. And with more categories come more releases: 43 in all (any possibility that existed that I might restart the "New at Not Lame" posts is now officially 100% out the window). Among the new featured releases are several we've spotlighted here: Craig Bartock, The Format, Orson, and The Tyde.

Also, some of the new indie releases they spotlight are available on eMusic: The Sails, Bigwheel, Taylor and the Puffs, The Copyrights, The Playwrights, Glossary, as well as The Format. Grabbed Bigwheel and Glossary myself.

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