Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Absolute Powerpop on MySpace.

I've started a myspace page for the site. I don't plan on doing much there, but one feature that it'll make it worth your visit is my "song of the day"; MySpace allows you to stream one song from another member at a time, which automatically starts playing upon loading the page. (I've put a link to it over on the right hand side of the page, for handy reference.)

Today I'm streaming Supraluxe's "Love Sweet Love" (only because they're not streaming "Blue Sky" over there), and I'll try to put up a new one each night before I go to bed, usually around midnight. These songs may be from albums I've featured on the blog, or they may not. You'll just have to find out for yourself. And if you like what you hear, click on "view" on the music player to go right to the band's myspace page.

UPDATE: Rich from Supraluxe put up "Blue Sky" (talk about responsive), so that's the song of the day. You can still stream "Love Sweet Love" at their page.


Richard P said...

Due to popular demand (ahem) I just uploaded the full, uncut version of Blue Sky to www.myspace.com/supraluxe

Steve said...

Woo hoo hoo!