Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rhett Miller alert!

One of my first posts on this blog was to drum up attention for the forthcoming release The Believer, by Old 97s frontman Rhett Miller, due out this Tuesday.

Well, it so happens that I've just found out (courtesy of an alert poster on the Audities list) that the entire album is streaming uncut at Rhett's myspace page. So get on over there right now and start listening to an album that's probably in my top 5 of 2006 to date, and then hit your cd retailer of choice up for it on Tuesday.

By the way, until yesterday (when this other version popped up on my iPod while on my trip) it was gnawing at me where I had heard "Fireflies" before (a track on which Miller here duets with Rachel Yamagata); it turns out that he had given it to the band Firecracker, whose So Long Someday album was a fine alt-country/Americana release in its own right last year, and whose version of this song also features a guest female singer for the duet parts. And there's even more Old 97s involvement with So Long Someday - guitarist Ken Bethea helps out as well. Definitely recommended if you enjoy this genre too, as I do.

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