Friday, February 17, 2006

Featured on Not Lame, 2/17/06.

The M's - Future Women

Not familiar with this band, but the namedrops of Ray Davies, Damon Albarn, Marc Bolan, and John Lennon make it sound interesting. You can download the following mp3 from the album:

Plan of the Man

And you can stream four more tracks at the Not Lame link above. It also appears that this album will be available via eMusic once its official street date of February 21 rolls around; there's already a page for it here, with only "Plan of the Man" available for download (but it's free above). I am liking that track.

Fire Marshals of Bethlehem - Songs For Housework

A friend sent me a copy of this last year and after going back and listening to it, I have to say that it's pretty good. Somewhere in between Neko Case with the New Pornographers and maybe a poppier Caitlin Cary. More extensive samples can be found here; the band's site doesn't offer streams or mp3s.

Swan Dive - Popcorn and a Mama Who Loves Me Too

What makes Not Lame great? I scour CD Baby and a few other sites. Not Lame scours the globe. This one's from Thailand, of all places. The cd, that is - the band itself is from Nashville. Sample it at the Not Lame link above; no streams at the band site for this one. It can also be found at iTunes.

New Radiant Storm King-The Steady Hand

We already told you about this one the other day.

I'm taking a pass on the rest, especially the one that sounds like Hillary Duff and Avril Lavigne.

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