Monday, February 27, 2006

CD of the Day, 2/27/06: David Stanley-Finding My Way

Another disc I enjoyed last year was David Stanley's Finding My Way. Stanley falls more into the singer-songwriter category, but he can put some power into his pop as well. At times he reminds me of Neil Finn ("The Kissing Tree", "Sad Girl"), but on others I hear some Michael Carpenter ("Brand New Beat", "Counting The Days"). There really isn't a bad track on this album, although it's a bit on the short side (8 tracks plus a "radio edit" of "The Kissing Tree"). I suppose it's a case of quality over quantity.

The best (and really only) place to sample it is the cd baby page linked above. The only place I'm finding it online is at iTunes. His site is about as bare bones as it gets, and the myspace page for David Stanley yields a 19-year-old in Largo, FL (a few miles to my SW) with a Ferris Bueller fixation.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the glowing review, and the itunes link. Great Powerpop Blog!

My "my space" page is

Will be updating my websites shortly, including more media content that includes music video and acoustic performance video, and will be playing Los Angeles area clubs during summer of 2006 if anyone would like to see a show, look for performance info on in coming weeks, thanks again,
David Stanley