Thursday, February 23, 2006

David Mead update.

Helpful reader Bob M. has alerted us to the existence of a new David Mead track on his myspace page (Mead's that is, not Bob's). It appears to be title track of his forthcoming album Tangerine, which according to Mead's myspace blog will be released in May.

Tangerine is a sort of instrumental; there is only some wordless singing on the track, which is short (1:40). I'm not going to jump to any conclusions off this one, but the fact that Mead has a new one coming out in May is excitement enough.

UPDATE: Never one to make fun of somebody else's hair, I nevertheless can't help but notice that Mead is a cinch to land the lead role should Eraserhead 2 ever be green-lighted.

I wonder what a David Lynch power pop album would sound like?

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