Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Top 10 of 2006 (so far).

One of the problems with year-end best-of lists is that stuff released early in the year inevitably gets short shrift, what with fading memories and latter year releases being more prominent at the time. So to try and avoid that malady, I'm putting out a best-of list for 2006 right now at the end of two months, and I'll update it at the end of every month thereafter. So without further ado, here's my best of 2006 to date:

1. Supraluxe-Supraluxe
2. Rhett Miller-The Believer
3. Travis Hopper-All The Lights In The City Tonight
4. David William-One Way Ticket
5. Copperdown-Something True
6. Justin Levinson-1175 Boylston
7. The Minus Five-The Minus Five (aka "The Gun Album")
8. The Green & Yellow TV-Sinister Barrier
9. Phil Ayoub-Schoolbus Window Paper Heart
10. Gary Henson-The Coast Is Clear

You'll notice the only one not featured on this blog so far is the Minus Five, which has been getting plenty of its own press. You can sample it here.


Anonymous said...

i agree with most of the list but i miss some... that i remember now i would say chris brown and magneto.

Steve said...

Good point about those two. However, I didn't knock myself out over the bottom half of the list since most of those will probably drop off in the months to come as newer releases emerge.