Thursday, February 09, 2006

What to look for here.

Right now, I plan on running three regular features.

1. An album of the day. This is going to be an album that I may have had for a while. Basically, anything that came out before today falls into this category, so I'll be noting whatever happens to strike my fancy that day, or that randomly pops up on my iPod as I'm getting ready to post.

2. The Not Lame review. As alluded to in the Welcome message, I'll be commenting on the new releases featured on the Not Lame home page each Tuesday and Friday. It may not be until Wednesday or Saturday before my comments are up, though.

3. New discoveries. This is where I'll hype anything new that I discover that I either end up ordering or acquiring.

In all three of these categories, I will do my level best to link to either full-length mp3s, full-length streams, or at a minimum the full 2-minute clips available on CD Baby, if the album is found there.

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