Wednesday, February 22, 2006

CD of the Day, 2/22/06: The Ride Theory-In This City

Today's featured disc comes from the Great White North - Hamilton, Ontario's The Ride Theory, whose sophomore effort, In This City, is a real keeper for fans of 60s-themed rock/pop.

The Ride Theory can best be described as the British Invasion meets Detroit. Why these guys aren't signed to Rainbow Quartz yet I don't know, but they have the whole garage/psych/Beatle-y thing going here. Get on board "I'm on Board", the leadoff track which comes right out of the garage circa Detroit 1969 and Ohio 2005 (The Greenhornes). "Motel Woman" is more of the same, albeit with more a mod-period Who twist. But then they switch gears mid-disc with "My Girl June", an acoustic number with sweet harmonies that sounds like a lost McCartney Beatles For Sale track, and follow that up with "All That I Know", which harkens back to Lennon's Rubber Soul contributions. Perhaps the best track on the disc is "On Fire", where these two styles meet.

You want some mp3s? We got em:

I'm on Board
Motel Woman
My Girl June

And whole thing can be streamed at their website (just look for the embedded audio player to the left of the gramophone). It doesn't look like any of the usual power pop retailers are carrying this one (time to get on this one, guys), so for now the best place to get it is at their site (under "merch"), or if you want it right now on your iPod, get it at iTunes.

This one was a very pleasant surprise to stumble across.

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