Monday, February 20, 2006

Power Pop at SXSW (Part 1).

Music festival SXSW is almost upon us, and they've just released the schedule of artists and bands to play. The great part of this for the vast majority of us who won't end up attending is that they make an mp3 for most of the artists available for download at their site.

So here's a list of downloads that I would recommend for you, the reader, from the opening day (Wednesday) acts. I'll do a post for Thursday's later today or tomorrow, and, so on, for each day. These will be plenty to get you started:

David Mead-Wherever You Are (!)
Derby-Sunk a Few (more on them to come on this site)
The Capitol Years-Juicers
Oranger-New Comes and Goes
The Whigs-Violet Furs
Modern Skirts-My Bully
Irving-White Hot
The Heavy Blinkers-Try Telling That to My Baby
Matt Mays & El Torpedo-On The Hood
The M's-Future Women (we discussed them here the other day)
Of Montreal-Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games
Sam Champion-Slow Rewind
Chris Mills-Chris Mills Is Living The Dream
Healthy White Baby-Soul
Maritime-Parade of Punk Rock T Shirts

Also, here are some alt-country/Americana acts that I've taken a shine to:
Limbeck-People Don't Change
Dan Israel-Good Times

The Mudville Project-The Tea
Collin Herring-The Other Side of Kindness

The full Wednesday list is here. If you think I've missed someone of interest from Wednesday's lineup that has an mp3 available (note that some acts like The New Pornographers don't), please let us know in the comments.


bobbym said...

That's some selection of mp3s at their web site.
Thanks for the link.



bobbym said...

I'm sure what label i would give them but here's some more:
The Secret Machines - Nowhere Again
The Standard - Red Drop
Luminous Orange - Drop You Vivid Colours

Man, there's a lot of music there. I downloaded 30 out of maybe 80 and I was only 1/2 way throught the list. More from the 30 as I have a chance to listen more.


Anonymous said...

Missy Higgins' "Scar" is one of my favorite songs of the past few years, so that's a good one to grab too.

- Arthur

Anonymous said...

alt-country pop (this song is female fronted)
The Firemarshalls of Bethlehem - Rabbit

Anonymous said...

SXSW calls this "rock" but I think it's more acoustic pop/alt-country.

Great Lake Swimmers - Various Stages