Monday, February 13, 2006

CD of the Day, 2/13/06: The Bodingtons-The Bodingtons

Another disc I picked up over the holidays was the debut by The Bodingtons, a band that rose from the ashes of The Badlees, who put out some pretty good albums in the 90s. The cd is a mix of roots rock and power pop, and is reminiscent of The Edisons, a band local to my area (Tampa Bay) who made a bit of a splash in the power pop world last year with their Lost In The Dream release. And although it's a bit different stylistically than the rest of the album, the standout track here is "Hold On Me", which reminds me of the Teenage Fanclub classic "Neil Jung".

Here's a free mp3 download of the leadoff track:

As Long As I Like

You can also stream that track, as well as "Hold On Me" and two others, at their myspace page.


Idiotjed said...


Just wanted to say i've very much enjoyed your blog.

Not to many PP based blogs outthere so it was nice to find yours.

I've added your link on my blog, hopefully people will seek you out.

Respect the rock,

- Paul

Steve said...

Thanks, Paul. Your site looks great too (some excellent song selections - all I have to do is see The 88's "Hide Another Mistake" in print on a page to get it playing nonstop in my head), and I'm putting it in my links list.

bobbym said...

Wow, David Mead, references to Badlees and I see your post on Marshall Crenshaw board comparing a band to Todd R. and the Pernice Brothers.
You hit all my buttons there!!!
I will most definitely be back and I'll try and spread the word.


ps - Bret Alexander's Gentleman East is another great CD. He's a great under-recognized singer/songwriter and a heck of a nice guy.