Thursday, February 23, 2006

CD of the Day, 2/23/06: RadioJones-RadioJones

This one was a real buried gem from last summer. RadioJones (or is it Radiojones?) is pretty much a mainstream-sounding band in the vein of The Wallflowers or Counting Crows, but what sets them apart is the quality of the tunes. And unlike most albums, which are front-loaded, this one gets better as it goes on. While the first three tracks are nice enough, it's not until about the fourth track, the ballad "Wait", that they really get on a roll; from there, the uptempo "Think" jangles along in fine fashion; "We All Dance" is quality Americana, and "Don't Tell Sandy" has a chorus that will worm its way into your head. Another standout is "Helpless", an excellent midtempo number, complete with whistling in the break.

The first three tracks are available as free downloads from their site:


"We All Dance" can be streamed at their myspace page, and the rest of course can be sampled at the cdbaby page.

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