Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Power Pop at SXSW (The Final Chapter).

Going to wrap up the last three days of SXSW downloads in this post. There is some truly outstanding stuff in this batch, hence all the additional comments.

Marah-The Demon of White Sadness
The Latebirds-Set Free The Radio (I need to remember to blog about these guys; Radio Insomnia was one of the overlooked discs of 2005)
Hotel Lights-AM Slow Golden Hit (this is Darren Jessee's band - he was the bassist for Ben Folds Five, this track is the highlight from their great S/T 2004 album)
The Spinto Band-Oh Mandy (one of my favorite tracks of 2005)
Bill Ricchini-She Don't Come Around Here No More
The Mendoza Line-Mysterious In Black
The Silent League-Breathe
The Electric Soft Parade-Cold World (discussed here)
The Amazing Pilots-All My Wasted Days
The Foxymorons-Harvard Hands
Luke Doucet-Broken One (great, great track)
The Len Price 3-Christian In The Desert
The Village Green-Under The Covers (from one of the top EPs of 2005)
Richard Swift-As I Go
Okkervil River-No Key, No Plan (more on them later, although they're not power pop)
Salim Nourallah-The World Is Full of People Who Want To Hurt You (discussed here as well)
Moonlight Towers-Everybody Knows Why (another great one)
The Brokedown-Down In The Valley (from yet another of 2005's great EPs)
Jason Collett-We All Lose One Another (see here; this was the best song on the album)
Sam Roberts Band-Brother Down (I was hoping they'd go with "Don't Walk Away Eileen", one of the best power pop songs of the decade, but this isn't bad either).

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The Bats - Bells