Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm dyin' here, guys!

Dyin' for new material, that is. Not necessarily stuff to write about (I have the CDs of the day picked out for about the next 10 days, for example), but new stuff to discover. First of all, CD Baby hasn't put up a batch of new releases since Monday. Usually they update each weekday, and sometimes even put new stuff up over the weekend. I emailed them the other day about this, and was told that they're having some difficulties, should be fixed soon, yadda yadda yadda.

Meanwhile, after making a big deal out of reviewing the biweekly Not Lame featured discs, which had been appearing like clockwork each Tuesday and Friday, nothing new popped up last night.

It's enough to start giving me withdrawal symptoms, I tell you.


Anonymous said...

Had to smile at this post and drop you a line. First, thanks again for this blog. I've already purchased a few of your recommendations and look forward to more. So, while you're going through withdrawal, you've given me a welcome fix.

As for things to discover, may I suggest:

1) "Stumbling In The Dark" and the title track from the late Paul Delph's A God That Can Dance on CD Baby and maybe elsewhere. Full throttle powerpop from a passionate artist.

2) Not really powerpop, but good for more ethereal moments: Kingfisher's Vesica Piscis, also on CD Baby. Gorgeous production, compelling vocals (and storytelling)... often on heavy rotation at my studio. There's a pop sensibility built in to many of his choices... just very gentle in his approach. Try the "Harvest Fires" track to see what I mean.

Steve said...

Thanks, andy...I'll be checking those out.

bobbym said...

It's almost like you're looking at my playlists. :-)
Here's some suggestions that you may like:

In Real Life by Ike, is a great cd. The precursor to Ike was The John Faye Power Trip (available on eMusic). A side project is by Ike member Cliff Hillis (also available on eMusic). My favorite song of Cliff's is Coming Out Alive.
Other current favorites (I don't get too hung on genre favorite genre is GOOD):

White Limousine by Duncan Sheik
San Francisco by Skating Club
a number of songs by Juliana Theory
Rolling Like A Stone by Greg Summerlin

As for David Mead there are some unreleased tracks at:
David has a new CD tentatively titled Tangerine that is supposed to come out in May. I got to see him live (solo) in November at a coffeehouse. He was fantastic. Let me know if you need more.
Keep up the good work.



Tim Bennett said...


I need you to check out "Paper Airplane Pilots - Western Automatic Music"

It's at Not Lame, and is delicious.
It's jangly guitar pop, sort of in a Guided By Voices sort of way, with the singer sounding a little Brit-pop-ish.


Steve said...


I have it, and I like it a lot.