Monday, March 27, 2006

CD (EP) of the Day, 3/27/06: Ari Shine-Age/Occupation

Now here's an impressive debut. Rocking and sounding like Armed Forces-era Elvis Costello crossed with Eugene Edwards, Ari Shine's debut EP Age/Occupation should appeal to just about everyone who reads this site.

The EP opens with "Crank It Out!", one of the best rockers you'll hear this year. You'll want to double check your calendar, though - it may leave you wondering whether it's 1977 or 2006. "Try a Little Harder" and the title track are also serious rockers, while "All For Yourself" is a high-quality power (pop) ballad.

You can stream the EP in its entirety at his site (just click the "play" symbol at the top). And it's being sold for a reasonable $6 at Not Lame. Low cost, high quality - can't beat that combination.

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