Saturday, March 11, 2006

CD of the Day, 3/11/06: Truman Falls-Little Happyhells

I normally don't reach back this far for the CD of the Day, but I have to make an exception here. I only discovered Truman Falls last year when I picked up the International Pop Overthrow 8 compilation (a great deal at 3 cds for $16 by the way), and heard their absolutely outstanding track "Last Man on the Moon". It was so good I had to pick up the 2003 full-length, Little Happyhells.

Although Truman Falls is billed as a band, it's really the vehicle for singer/songwriter Simon Rea, who hails from the Isle of Man in England. What you get here is quality singer/songwriter pop, and it's no accident that Josh Rouse has Truman Falls opening for him on his current UK tour. This will appeal to fans of Rouse, David Mead and Joe Kennedy, among others. After a brief intro, Rea gets right down to business with the title track, a breezy number. BBC2's Bob Harris likens him to the lovechild of Burt Bacharach and Harry Nilsson, and he's spot on (as the Brits would say) with this comparison. Other highlights include the Rouse-like "My Beautiful Mistake" and "Buttermouth", the Paul Simonesque "Paper Ann", and of course "Last Man on the Moon", one of those songs that I could listen to on a continuous loop and not tire of. And you can listen to it here, as I've made it my Song of the Day.

Stream 'em at their myspace page, and you can sample them here and here, where you can buy it as well.

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