Thursday, March 02, 2006

CD of the Day, 3/2/06: The Cheap Seats-Fly Low, Icarus

Sometimes when I'm researching my cd of the day, I come across someone who says it better (or at least the same) as I would, so I'm just going to quote directly from Style Weekly, which had this to say about The Cheap Seats' Fly Low, Icarus:
Sounds like: A band that will have you at hello if you’re a fan of canny popsmiths like Nada Surf, AC Newman and Fountains of Wayne. The Cheap Seat’s debut EP, “Fly Low, Icarus,” is a collection of sometimes-playful, sometimes-pensive songs about anything from romantic interludes at the zoo to young arsonists and lonely grandmas. Singer/guitarist Nick Woods has an ear for finely tuned lyrics, whether it’s quietly dreading the end of a relationship or secretly crushing on a friend’s kid sister, but “Stacy’s Mom” it’s not.
Other than calling it an EP (it's a 9-track album) and a misplaced plural possessive, I have to agree with this 100%. Of the artists mentioned, I'd have to say the Nada Surf is closest sonically, although The Cheap Seats seem to be a bit less brooding.

Here are some mp3s for your downloading pleasure, courtesy of the Seats:

Service and Parts
Albuquerque Arson
Caroline, Yes
Try and Fail

If it's streaming you prefer, they have a presence at myspace. Best place to buy is at the Baby. Bob Uecker would be proud.

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Anonymous said...

they're amazing.
it doesn't say anything about taylor in here. :[
he's great.
he's basically like my brother.
they're a great band.