Friday, March 24, 2006

New at Not Lame, 3/24/06: Part 1

As alluded to yesterday, we've gotten the mother lode over at Not Lame, so we'll break this down into two posts.

Peter Murray-Ants and Angels. This one's being compared to XTC, Squeeze and Elvis Costello, and gets a "big time extremely highly recommended" from Bruce. I'm liking what I hear for the most part - don't be put off by the opener "Gen X DJ on E", which sounds a bit too cute by half to me. You've heard of try before you buy? Well, that's the case here, as you can download mp3s of the entire album at his site. If you'd rather just click once and have a few of his songs start streaming, here's his myspace page.

Brian Ray-Mondo Magneto
. Ray was a touring guitarist with Sir Paul McCartney on his recent tour, joining Rusty Anderson (who put a great album of his own in 2004, Undressing Underwater). And from the samples I've heard, this one sounds very, very good (so much I so that I've already ordered it). If you go to his site and click on "audio", you can stream a couple of tracks, which were good enough to sell me. The same two are streaming at his myspace page. Whooray, indeed.

Moonlight Towers-Like You Were Never There. I've had this one since it came out last fall, and it's quite good. It's kind of power roots pop, described by one reviewer as "poppier V-Roys or maybe a twangier Superdrag". It's a very, very solid disc and I recommend it.

Some mp3's to hear for yourself:

I Sleep Alone
If We Make It To The Light
Every Second Drags

You can sample the rest at their cd baby page.

I neglected to note last night that they were also featuring the very good Big Silver disc that I noted in an eMusic post earlier this week. More tomorrow on the rest.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the Brian Ray disc, I suggested to Bruce that he stock it - he said that he had tried to arrange it before but hadn't gotten anywhere. When I added that I felt it was easily as good as Rusty Anderson's disc, that seemed to push Bruce into renewing his attempts to get Brian's album into Not Lame's stock - Bruce was very into Rusty's disc.

Steve said...

Good work!

Aaron said...

Don't forget Brian's version of "Tears of a Clown" on iTunes. He's got a real nice Jason Falkner production style. Another highly creative artist!

Steve said...

Just picked it up from iTunes - outstanding!

bobbym said...

Brian Ray's release is very good. I got the whole thing from iTunes too. I usually just pick a few songs, but they all sounded good. Got a nice note from him too when I added him at myspace.