Sunday, March 12, 2006

New at Kool Kat Musik, 3/12/06.

New at da Kat:

*Cabinessence-Comes Back to You. This group describes itself as "Glam Parsons", which should give you a pretty good idea of their interesting hybrid of glam/psych-rock and alt-country. The track "I Know" is pretty darn good. Download that one and another here:

I Know
Bread and Butter

Their myspace page is here.

*(The Sounds of) Kaleidoscope-From Where You Were To How You Got There. Gotta love a band that uses a parenthetical in its name. The comparison thrown around with these guys is Pavement, which sounds about right. PopMatters says: "It’s not music you can slap onto an iPod or run while you balance a checkbook." And here I was balancing my checkbook while listening to my iPod. Sheesh, sometimes a guy just can't win. The best song I heard was the psych pop-sounding "Th' Strangebirds". Hmmm...these guys have one of the longer album titles out there, and they can't be bothered to put the "e" in "The". They have four tracks streaming at myspace, but don't listen if you're balancing your checkbook too.

*The Virtues-Where Were You? This the domestic release of the latest from this Swedish band, who have the jangly pop thing down pretty well, thank you. The title track starts off with some nice jangle, and a "whoo hoo hoo", so I'm suckered in immediately.

Here's a couple of downloads:

Where Were You?


They do sound like they have their virtues.

*Okay Paddy-The Cactus Has a Point. Cute title, befitting of their quirky indie pop. Sample them at myspace, or download here:

Oo Man, La World

*The Sw!ms-Ride of the Blueberry Winter. I have this one, and I was eyeing it as a possible cd of the day. I guess instead I'll discuss it here. This has an indie pop sound as well, and reminds me of The Spectacular Fantastic, SNMNMNMNM, Of Montreal and a few others. "Sara Jean" is one of my favorite songs of 2006. Download 'em here:

We Need Lava
Depth Charge
Vermillion Archer

These three, plus "Blood In The Lanai", are streaming at their myspace page. Two thumbs up on this one, even though I can't find a stream or download of "Sara Jean".

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