Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New release Tuesday on eMusic.

The big news among this morning's releases is Josh Rouse's Subtitulo. Although I didn't conceal my disappointment with the album relative to his three preceding brilliant releases, it still has its moments. Plus, this is an opportunity to check out all the songs as well. At a minimum, there are several tracks worth cherry-picking; "Quiet Town", "It Looks Like Love", "His Majesty Rides", "Giving it Up" and "Wonderful" would have made a great EP.

Also available is the new Essex Green release Cannibal Sea, which was featured on Not Lame recently.

One that I'm downloading is Big Silver's Afterlife. Although eMu is billing it as Americana, it has a real pop sensibility to it and would definitely fit into my somewhat loose definition of power pop. If this sounds intriguing to you, check out the eMu samples or their myspace page. I'm really digging "My Love Is In a Hurry".


Aaron said...

Did you ever listen to the 2004 release "The Uncle Devil Show - A Terrible Beauty"?

If you did review it, then I missed it. If not, please check this CD out. One of the guys from the group Del Amtri is responsible for this "pet" project. Basically it has a old school Beatles feel and everything from the instruments to the cover art scream late 60's tribute. It reminds me of what Andrew Gold did when he made "The Fraternal Order of the All"

Steve said...

I haven't reviewed it, but I do have it. Del Amitri was one of my favorite bands of the 90s, and Justin Currie's involvement was enough to get me to check it out. I like it a lot, especially the song about Gilbert O'Sullivan, which amuses me to no end.