Wednesday, March 08, 2006

CD (EP) of the Day, 3/8/06: Kit Ashton-Blindsided

It's not every artist who has the blessing of Paul McCartney. “Brilliant. Great stuff – really beautiful songs,” McCartney said of Kit Ashton after jamming with him at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where Ashton was a student. He's just released his debut EP, Blindsided, and Macca may be on to something here.

Ashton definitely has the British pop sound down on Blindsided. While opener "You You You" is a quality tune, things really take a step forward with "Take The Strain", which sounds like The 88 by way of Parallax Project, with a bit of Jellyfish thrown in. "Fantastic" is just that, with some Robbie Williams/Supergrass influences to go along with the Jellyfish sound. All in all, a promising debut.

You can stream "You You You", "Take The Strain" and "Indian Stone Blues" at his myspace page, and sample "Fantastic" and "Don't Beat Yourself Up" at the cd baby link.

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bobbym said...

This is good stuff.
You can download He's A She's A from the myspace page.

I'll have to listen further.