Friday, March 24, 2006

CD of the Day, 3/24/06: Keef-Keef

Keef is a three-piece out of New Jersey who bring out the power in power pop. Their debut cd actually reminds me a lot of Superdrag, with perhaps some Sloan, Weezer and Tsar thrown in for good measure.

The disc opens with "I Believe", complete with Beach Boy harmonies at the beginning, and enough piano to recall . "Jonzin' Jannie" follows, with a bit of a funky beat to it, bringing to mind a 70s song I can't quite put my finger on. "Read Between The Lines" features more of the rollicking piano sound, and "My California Dream" is high-energy Weezer-rock. And the closer, "Lonely Love" turns it down a couple of notches to fine effect, yet still rocks out in the chorus.

It's tough to find much on this band, but you can download and/or stream "I Believe" and "Lonely Love" here, and you can sample and buy the disc (at a very reasonable $8) the same place where I did, at cd baby. I don't know if these guys named themselves after Keith Richards, but I think he'd be pleased with how they rock.

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