Monday, March 06, 2006

Top 20 of 2005 Recap.

The main purpose of this post is to gather all the links for the top 20 of 2005 in one place, so that I can link to it in the sidebar. And of course if you missed any of the previous Top 20 posts, you can get them here:

1. Derby-This Is The New You
2. Okkervil River-Black Sheep Boy
3. Josh Rouse-Nashville
4. Michael Penn-Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947
5. The Well Wishers-Under The Arrows
6. The 88-Over and Over
7. Catlin Cary & Thad Cockrell-Begonias
8. Graham Cousens-Living Room Sessions
9. Randy & The Bloody Lovelies-Lift
10. Smash Palace-Over The Top
11. Valley Lodge-Valley Lodge
12. Jim Boggia-Safe In Sound
13. Pugwash-Jollity
14. Peter Bruntnell-Ghost in a Spitfire
15. Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team
16. The Golden Apples-Cooler Jets Will Prevail
17. Feel-Invisible Train
18. Sparkwood-Jalopy Pop
19. James Cooper-Second Season
20. Checkpoint Charley-Songs One Through Twelve


Aaron said...

Criminally Overlooked here...

Rusty Anderson - Undressing Underwater
Curt Boettcher - Chicken Little was right
The Liverpool Echo - s/t
The Redwalls - Universal Blues

Check'em out!

Steve said...

Aaron, thanks for the recs. Actually these releases weren't overlooked; they just weren't eligible for the Audities year-end 2005 list, as this top 20 came from my ballot. (Reissues, EPs, compilations and pre-2005 releases were not eligible.)

Universal Blues came out in 2003 (the Redwalls did have an 05 release, De Nova, which had its moments but was uneven in my opinion), The Rusty Anderson was from 2004, and I do very highly recommend it, esp. "Electric Trains".

The Curt Boettcher came out in 04 as well, and was an unreleased 70s album that was pretty nice in an Emitt Rhodes/early McCartney manner. I can't speak for the Liverpool Echo, having not heard it, but it's a 70s reissue itself.

Aaron said...

You're right... the Redwalls was new to me, and The Liverpool Echo is a reissue (not sure the year either).

Any thoughts on this one?

Taxiride - Axiomatic

It is an Australia only release and I found a mixed review on some blogs (either loving it or hating it). I really liked the last two CDs (Imaginate and Garage Mahal) - kind of a Power Pop Boy Band-like sound (Swirl 360 anybody?)

Steve said...

Not sure what I think off the samples (might be a bit too commercial sounding for me), but Bruce at Not Lame seems to like it.

Anonymous said...

I never got around to compiling my top CD's this year,because life has been hectic, but the only one we share is Josh Rouse.

I'm digging the Derby stuff though..

Anonymous said...

Wot.. no Supahip?